DeepSpace needs your help

Nov 12, 2018

DeepSpace has its roots within the Burner Community. Similar to the Zendo Project at Black Rock, DeepSpace aims to create a space which provides care for those who need some respite, with a confidential, trained person to hold space for them as they go through their experience to ensure everyone is safe and has a good time.

DeepSpace is getting ready for a busy summer, with six festivals confirmed, three almost confirmed, and a multitude of volunteers!

They need your help.

They are currently fundraising to purchase two gorgeous canvas tents which will last years in to the future of DeepSpace, as well as funds to help them get from A to B this summer.

A not-for-profit, it takes hours of volunteers, community collaboration and help to keep them doing the good work they are doing. And with your collective help, they can continue for years in the future. Help them out. Donate here.

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