Aaaaaand….. SOLD OUT!

Oct 5, 2020

Woah, wait, what, how?

Tickets went on sale at 10:00am on Saturday, and by 10:01 all available tickets for Kiwiburn 2021 were in baskets waiting to be processed by those lucky enough to get through! We thought 2021 may be a quieter year, what with Covid and limited international visitors… Boy, were we wrong!

Some numbers:

  • 2,000 tickets have been made available this year, governed by the site consent and, most importantly, limited volunteer numbers.
  • After reserve tickets for year round volunteers, Art Grant recipients and Theme Camps were set aside, 1,455 were released into the general sale.
  • 3,865 people attempted to buy tickets on Saturday.
  • At 10am, over 2,500 people with registered burner profiles (no, there were no bots…) were ready and waiting on the Quicket website. This sheer volume is why all tickets were in baskets waiting to be processed within seconds.
  • Quicket was tested to deal with significant traffic increase over last year. Still, demand exceeded the wildest predictions.
  • 836 lucky Burners snapped up the 1,455 tickets, buying an average of 1.7 tickets each.
  • Only 7.7% went to those who identify as being from another country, but may well be expats living in New Zealand. That is considerably less than previous years.
  • We’re aware of some error messages at time of ticket allocation; these were as a result of tickets being added to someone else’s basket in the meantime, not a website glitch.
  • We’re also aware of a very small number of people who experienced a particular issue at time of payment. We know who you are and will be contacting you directly.

That’s all, folks! Congratulations to those blessed by the mercy of Quicket, and commiserations to those who didn’t get their tickets, we feel you!

STEP, our resale system, will be going online on Saturday 24 October (see more here). Register quickly, it’s on a first come, first served basis. Remember that ticket resales start slow but build up closer to the event – in our experience, if you are willing to wait, watch your emails and look out for opportunities, the ticket fairies might just come through for you!

We hope to see all you lovely souls at the Burn – watch this space for further announcements and don’t lose heart! And remember – the only way Kiwiburn can increase the number of tickets available is if it has more year-round volunteers to run the show, so please check out our Volunteering page.

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