Access to the Paddock

Dec 16, 2019

A reminder for anyone not explicitly authorised, not to visit the Kiwiburn site outside of the event times as it is a working farm and it is private land. This is considered trespassing, and is the same as walking on any other random farm, even if it is just to say hi to the owner. For Kiwiburn, keeping a good relationship with the land owners is essential, so this applies year round. 

Kiwiburners requiring access to the site pre-event (eg Temple/Effigy crews) will be informed about the process closer to the event, and will have been granted early entry by a department lead or build crew lead. Anyone turning up pre-event who is not on the Early Entry list will be turned away. 

Before you arrive, please ensure that you have your tickets downloaded on to your phone or printed out IN ADVANCE as there is no internet access at Gate. Gate Crew will be checking that all vehicle occupants in the queue have tickets ready and you will be turned back towards the main road to find reception to access your tickets. You will then have to re-enter the queue. We do not want wayward souls wandering around outside of Gate holding their phones aloft, hoping to catch that snippet of 3G and holding up the queue. Don’t be those people. Be Self-Reliant and have your copy ready, ‘cos Gate is getting stricter this year.

Rules for entry are:

  • Early Entry crews must ensure their names are on the Early Entry list, otherwise they will be turned away
  • Arrivals without printed or screenshotted/downloaded tickets ready will be turned around to download their tickets to speed up the process at Gate
  • With growing numbers onsite and unforeseen weather, it is best to anticipate a queue at Gate and take it as an opportunity to meet other participants.

We will release more info on this as we get closer. Read the Survival Guide for additional info.

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