Hopefully the last Refund Update

Feb 7, 2022

Kiwiburn now considers the refund process to be complete! from our end. According to the third party handling these (Stripe), all that may be left is the wait for interbank processing to occur.

As of last Tuesday evening all refunds had been processed by Stripe. The exact date these funds will appear back on the purchasers’ credit cards depends on your bank, however most of them should be there by now!

A huge thank you for your patience throughout this process. Our volunteers and Quicket have worked tirelessly through some painful delays with the payment processor slowing things down. It would be fair to say that no one is in a hurry to go through this again (roll on Kiwiburn 2023!). 

Please do keep us posted if your refund does not appear in your account by Friday 11 February, as there could be a number of individual circumstances which we may need to address! Email tickets@kiwiburn.com (not before Friday please) to log a concern if you’re still waiting for your moolah. 

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