Auckland Pre-burn: A Picnic of the Profound and the Profane

Jul 17, 2015

Save the date! Auckland is throwing a Pre-burn: A Picnic of the Profound and the Profane at Whammy Bar in K Rd on Saturday 17 October from 8pm – 3am.

It’s a picnic, though not in a park! We’re laying out a veritable smorgasbord of aural and visual delights for you to feast on. We all love discovering art on the Paddock so let’s help make a bunch of artists’ dreams a reality in 2016 by supporting their creative endeavours.

Maybe you’d like to perform? You have a band, you’re a DJ, a poet, a juggler, an acrobat or something just as fantastical? We’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch and message us.

Did you know a portion of your ticket each year goes to artists at Kiwiburn to help fund their art projects for the Paddock? As no applicant is ever fully funded, and some projects are a little ambitious, they need your support to help make their vision a reality.

And those amazing spaces you hang out and dance the night away in are gifted to you by lovely people who bust open their piggybanks and get together with friends to create Theme Camps to share with everyone. Kiwiburn doesn’t fund Theme Camps, not a cent. Nada. How about showing your appreciation for all they bring to the Paddock and come along to show your support.

All money raised will be given to artists and Theme Camps to help fund their projects for Kiwiburn 2016: Pot Luck and Emotion. If you are unable to make it on the night, you are able to donate by bank transfer to the Auckland Burners account: 38 9017 0000323 00. Please use “Picnic” as a reference.

See you all soon!

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