Bandits of Coco Mafia Support Fund

Oct 7, 2019

Imagine returning home from your local Burn, exhausted from having put all the hard graft in, and still buzzing from the amazing experience, only to find your home has been ransacked and burgled?

Well, exactly that happened to Tanner Grove- Nty (Coco Poco Loco) Toni (BBB and The Syncity Supper Klub) Ali (Middle Eastern Mafia) and Shaye (President – Site Saftey) upon returning home from Burning Seed. Many items, including a trailer full of Burner camp infrastructure and a sound system (some of it from other camps), were stolen. These people support their community so much and now need your help to replace the gear lost.

The Burner community is rallying around them to help them out, and you can too – support this GoFundMe campaign.

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