Behind the Scenes – Safety Facilitator Selena

Sep 14, 2020

In our ongoing series about the people that make Kiwiburn happen, meet Selena, our brand spanking new Safety Facilitator

Tell us a little about yourself:

Firstly, what does the Safety Facilitator role involve?

I am facilitating our safety teams like Security, Medics, Rangers, FAST, Health and Safety, Site Managers and  Fire services. I’m the go between for all of them and I will liaise with ExCom and other departments to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone gets what they need.

How do you spend your time when you are not doing things related to Kiwiburn? 

I live in my house bus in Raglan.I teach theatre sports and roller skating, make puppets, write songs and poems and am looking for some kind of awesome job.

Being involved with Kiwiburn can take a lot of energy. How do you re-energise? 

Take a walk on the beach bare foot with my dog, listen to music

Do you have a favourite burn outfit?

My big white ballerina tutu

What skills have you learned by being involved with Kiwiburn? 

Team work makes the dream work!

What has been your favourite moment at a Burn?

Making people drinks in the bar at Circus Olè and blowing bubbles by the river 

What are you most excited about for Kiwiburn 2021?  

Being with all my beautiful friends and meeting new ones

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