Behind the Scenes with Craig, our new Services Facilitator

Oct 19, 2020

We ask for volunteers and they come! Craig has joined the Kiwiburn ExCom to make everything and everyone work better.
Tell us a little about yourself:

Firstly, what does the Services Facilitator role involve?

I work with Ticketing, Gate, Greeters, Depot, and Centre Camp to make sure these teams have the support & resources they need leading up to and at the burn. The Services Facilitator role is also part of ExCom, so my job is to represent these teams there so they have a voice!

How do you spend your time when you are not doing things related to Kiwiburn? 

Do we get time outside of Kiwiburn? 

I spend my time crafting (I like making outfits for my friends and attempting leather work) and working as a producer in the film industry creating dramas. My partner and I also run immersive techno parties where we create little worlds for people to get lost in. Really though I have a thirst for anything – so who really knows what each week will bring.

Being involved with Kiwiburn can take a lot of energy. How do you re-energise? 

Pick up a dragonstaff and get lost in the flow, or go sit down at a café and people-watch.

Do you have a favourite Burn outfit?

Definitely! You’ll see me on the paddock as Odin Patterpaws in my wolf head howling at the moon (please be a moon) or at the effigy (good moon substitute).

What skills have you learned by being involved with Kiwiburn? 

I think it’s more an appreciation of other people’s skills – there’s such an incredible team running this event and sometimes I wish more people in the community would be able to see just how much effort, love and time people are putting in to put this on.

What has been your favourite moment at a Burn?

Spending a day doing nothing much in the forest. Just hanging with friends and watching the leaves blow in the trees. Joss & Clem’s poly-wedding last year was also amazing – pretty sure I cried.

What are you most excited about for Kiwiburn 2021?

EVERYTHING! KB21 is looking to be incredible and I’m just totally stoked for it. This year we’re bringing a new theme camp to the paddock – Devour & Delight – so really looking forward to this.

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