Burner Camping in the Wairarapa

Jan 17, 2022

Still not sure what to do with the Burn weekend? There is a plan afoot for a Camp Out in the the Wairarapa. Burner spirit, a lovely site, all the friendly faces – go forth and radically self express!

The details: 

Friday 28 January 3pm – Sunday 30 January 3pm

Morrison’s Bush Camp Ground

Open invite. Chill vibes. BYO everything (including TP and water). One long drop toilet. Swimmable river. Shady Mānuka grove. Lush green grass. Vaccine pass required as a gathering over 50 people. Be responsible, Burner principles apply. Leave no trace.

This gathering has no committee or tickets, so be radically self reliant and turn up prepared! If you want to chat about it, start a thread on our FB Community page.

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