Burner Exchange

Mar 2, 2020

Did you know that we had a representative from Burning Man’s FAST team (Fire Arts Safety Team) at this year’s Kiwiburn? Doxie attended our downunder shenanigans and brought with her a vast knowledge of all things related to FAST. She is also involved with the Michigan based Lakes of Fire (LoF) Burn. 

Doxie made valuable and lasting contributions towards general fire safety, in particular with the Burn Perimeter crew. Her input will be utilised for years to come. Thanks Doxie!

However, it would not be an exchange if there wasn’t reciprocal representation, so we are hoping some of the Kiwiburn team travel to Burning Man again this year to learn and share knowledge.

In exciting news and hot of the press, this year, Jo Artemis, one of the longer standing and well known Paddock figures, will join the Lakes of Fire Burn and impart her knowledge of what is involved with running a Burn in New Zealand. With her long standing association with Site Management and being instrumental in establishing the Conduct Committee, she will no doubt add value to the LoF event as well as be flying the Kiwiburn flag in Michigan. Jo says:”I feel that the kind of on-the-job learning we’ll get from an exchange will be invaluable. With my roles and experience within Kiwiburn, and also the freedom and flexibility I have in my life, I’m a good candidate and I look forward to representing Kiwiburn well.”

To learn more about previous participants of the Burner Exchange Program, so far only between AfrikaBurn and Lakes of Fire, have a look at the most recent exchange they did. Surely we can only learn from one another within the Burn Community and beyond.

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