Burner Profiles Open Wednesday 2 September

Aug 31, 2020

Photocredit: Kasai Photography, 2018

Y’all, it is happening!! For realsies, not kidding, pulling legs or joking here! 

Registration will be open as of Wednesday 2 September at 10am so you can set up your Burner Profile, which is a necessary step to then purchase tickets when they become available.

You must set up a Burner Profile, even if you’ve had one before. So get on your internet connection device, follow this link (which won’t work before Wednesday 10am) answer a few pertinent questions, and voila: You’ve become Burner Profile-ified, which is actually a super power!

Ticket info to come shortly, so make sure you’ve got your profile ready (one per person, no cheating).  Possibly more importantly,*whispers*: get excited!


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