Burrowing Pufferfish Fundraiser

Oct 13, 2019

Who’s up for a PAAARTY?

The Burrowing Pufferfish Theme Camp is throwing one epic weekend-long celebration to raise some much needed cash to help elevate their camp to the usual amazing experience that it is.

It all starts on Friday 22 November and lasts until Sunday 24 November.

You can still help shape Friday night’s festivities as those are being finalised (think cabaret, talent show…), and there may even be some Saturday day time activities.¬†However, the big all-night bash will happen Saturday, so get your dancing gear out and your energy drinks stocked up. Finally, Sunday will be a more relaxed affair to help settle down after the big night that came before.

Want to find out more? Check out their Facebook profile. Tickets will go on sale on 24 October, look out for an announcement!

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