Tickets. Register to buy or sell now

Oct 7, 2019

Secure Ticket Exchange Program STEP is now open and anyone who wishes to sell or buy a ticket to Kiwiburn 2020 can register to do so.

There has been huge interest, particularly from buyers. The queue will move slowly to start with so be patient and keep checking your place in the queue so you are ready when it’s your turn.

Key information for those yet to register:

  • You must have an active Kiwiburner Profile  in order to register for STEP
  • You can request up to two Adult tickets
  • If you are allocated a ticket, you have 24 hours to complete the purchase or you will lose out and go back to the queue if you re-register
  • If you have tickets and would like to sell them, you can enter them into the STEP outbound tickets queue
  • Sellers be refunded the face value of the ticket ($195) but not the booking fee 
  • When a transfer is completed, the old ticket and bar code are cancelled and a new ticket is issued in the purchaser’s name (who has to have a Kiwiburner Profile)
  • You can also buy/sell your tickets thought private channels at any time, however they can only be sold at face value (including any fees you have paid), and can only be transferred through Quicket

For more info on tickets, check out the website.

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