Round up the Regionals!

Oct 14, 2019

Here’s your slick summary of other burning events from around the globe – what’s on, what happened and what the hell?! You may learn a thing or to about Kiwiburn while you’re at it…

Going to AfrikaBurn next year? It’s on 27 April – 3 May tickets are on sale soon!

Blazing Swan 2020 poster, silver glinting brain and psychedelic colours

Blazing Swan 2020

And perhaps you’d like to go to Blazing Swan (Western Australia’s Regional), 8 – 14 April just before that. The theme is Perception, and tickets are also available…

Burning Japan presents: Hidden World… it’s on NOW, and it’s the sixth one EVER. Sugeeee, saito mite kudasai!

Is Burning Man sick? Listen to this podcast to see what other people think.

Black Rock City has a census, just like us, and here is how it works.

Leave No Trace? What’s that? Why, it’s one of the Guiding Principles of course. Of course we are all responsible during the event – but dedicated folks at stay behind post-event to make sure sites are ship shape. They’ve just wrapped at Burning Seed (great resource), and in Black Rock City too! Here’s how they did it.

Top tip: bring a small bag you can attach to yourself to fetch that runaway MOOP you see flitting around the Paddock. If you don’t do it, no one else will, and that’s what I call carnage.

Talking about Do-ocracy (that’s Civic Responsibility and Participation to you Guiding Principles Geeks)… why not listen to the pink haired man are extend these principles to the world?

Aaand seen as Guiding Principles seem to be on theme… let’s talk (read) about Decommodification and how we can extend that to the big wide world…

On a closing note – big-ups to the Extinction Rebellion community who gave heaps this week, both in Aotearoa and around the globe, to stand up for our planet! Ka mau te wehi!

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