Camping at Kiwiburn

Jan 18, 2017

You’ve arrived! Take care driving down the hill from Gate to the Paddock – the road is loose gravel, steep in parts with sharp bends – so take it slowly on your way to Greeters and put your hazard lights on. After you have been greeted, drive slowly to the where you’ve been directed.

The top paddock is where the Depot (information centre), Town Hall (Centre Camp), Effigy and Temple are as well as camping and Theme Camps. The lower paddock has lots of camping, Theme Camps and access to the Forest and river.

Definite decisions on Forest camping are unable to be made until ALL arborist work is completed. As of today, it’s likely there will be some camping spaces in the Forest, with other areas only for awake and aware use. Whilst Kiwiburn has gone to GREAT LENGTHS TO MINIMISE THE RISK associated with using the Forest, there is NO guarantee of safety. Trees fail for many reasons and are often unpredictable. The decision on what areas of the Forest will be used, and how, has not been made lightly. Many factors have been taken into consideration and best efforts have been made by the team to open as much of the Forest as possible. PLEASE RESPECT THE BOUNDARIES THAT HAVE BEEN SET. 

There will be people stationed throughout the Forest on Wednesday to help people so if you have any questions about where to camp, please ask them. Camp under the trees at own your own risk. If you see anything concerning, please report it to the on-duty Site Manager – look for a volunteer with a radio and ask them to contact the Site Manager.

Remember to bring your own shade! The Kiwiburn site is no stranger to wind though it seems windier this year. You’ll need to secure the shade structures – rebar, extra stakes, warratahs and strong rope will help reduce potential damage.

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