Conduct Committee dealing with incidents

Jun 10, 2019

A recent post in our facebook Group sparked a robust discussion around dealing with community members exhibiting behaviours which breach our Conditions of Entry. 
It is important to understand:
  • Incidents can be reported on site to Rangers or the Site Manager when they occur, or any time after the event to the Conduct Committee.
  • Organisers do not know everything about everyone in the community, and rely on you to let them know, and to help keep your community safe.
  • Kiwiburn takes the safety of its participants very seriously, and has an obligation to follow a rigorous process when banning people.
  • Decisions cannot be based on hearsay, only on direct reports.
  • These cases are often complex with conflicting factors to consider.
  • The Conduct Committee is seeking new members with relevant skills.
Read more about the Conduct Committee process here.

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