Seed planted 10 years ago

Jun 11, 2019

Neil Power says: “And so it was that on this weekend 10 years ago the very first Seed event took place in Bellingen, NSW.

Just called Seed, the idea was to get a bunch of people interested in organisng a proper event together and see what sprouted, and12 months later in June 2010 the first ticketed Burning Seed took place at the same location.

We had a Temple made from green bamboo poles which for some reason burned at 5am one day, and a main night-time burn of a seed made from lush bamboo fronds.

About 30 people camped with about the same number coming in from Bellingen from the main burn. On the Sunday we sat under the, yep, bamboo grove and knocked out a plan which included a team to take this beast forward.

Burn culture existed in Australia long before Seed but Seed gave it a nautral place to gather. Next year will be the tenth proper Burning Seed event and there’ll be a celebtration of all that then…

But hey, its kinda your birthday today too… so congratulations all.”

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