Cooling the Burn: Paying for our Emissions?

Apr 11, 2022

Kiwiburn is stepping up to take responsibility for the effect it’s having on the planet. This means reducing emissions wherever possible, but also taking ownership of (and removing) the emissions we can’t avoid… including those from past years. 

We want your input on how we might best go about this – should our budget go towards official “carbon sinks” (pushing us towards “carbon neutral”), or should we truly double-down on community initiatives to sequester carbon from the atmosphere?

Reminder that we will be hosting a panel discussion covering what this all means and what our options are. 

When: Tuesday 12th April, 6-7pm

Where: Virtual meeting on Google Meet.

Your input in the conversation will help to drive Kiwiburn’s carbon removal journey, so please comment below, attend the discussion, or send your thoughts to by 11:59pm Sunday 17th April. 


#YouvePaidYour AdmissionButWhatAboutYourEmissions

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