ART* thou ready to volunteer in the Art Committee?

Apr 11, 2022

The Arts need you! Art volunteers look after art and artists, making sure the Burn is beautiful, engaging, surprising and awe-inspiring. The Arts committee is looking for new members. The following roles are open:

ARTery Lead: The ARTery is the tent where all art related things happen. The ARTery lead designs and curates the tent itself (!!!) and also organises the famous Art Tours. They also sit on the Kiwiburn Arts Committee, and look after some grant receiving artists. It’s a great way to be in the middle of all the creativity! The commitment is pre-burn mainly, with one hour per day expected during the event. The ARTery Lead gets a guaranteed ticket to the Burn, of course, so if you’re still smarting from lottery pain, this is a way to ensure attendance while also contributing to a beautiful cause.

KAC committee members: several posts are open on the committee that looks after artists, and reviews art grant applications,. They also help the big artworks like the Effigy and Temple get off the ground. This is a role that gets you mixing with and getting to know our wonderful artists while being mostly pre-event – expect an hour and a half total to check in on your artists during the event, and otherwise you’re free to rock. Again, KAC members are guaranteed tickets so peace of mind is part of the offering.

If you’re not sure which one of these is best for you, apply for both (it’s one form anyway!) and chat to our team about where you would fit best.

Job specs are here, and apply here

*Like bad puns? Volunteer as EFP writer!!!

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