Going to Burning Man?

Apr 11, 2022

The ticket sale came and went like a stack of magical hotcakes that come with a free jetpack – gone in seconds! If you are lucky enough to have a ticket, go you! ExCom is sending a delegation of its own, give us a shout out and connect or come find us at TinkleDrum, our adopted love child art project. We will be keeping you posted about all things Burning Man in the months leading up to September, and report back from our journey with impressions, learnings and ideas.

Keen to learn more about TinkleDrum? Contact resident tinkleberry-herder (and our Chair) Money Daddy on chair@kiwiburn.com if you wish to get involved or to find out more. Are you heading to the Playa this year and wanna hang with some cool peeps that are into making giant art, sustainability and have a New Zealand connection? Then theTinkleDrum camp is for you! There is a weekly meeting on Sunday evenings you can link into. Holler and we’ll send details!

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