Meet Tinkle Drum!

Mar 28, 2022

In case you’re wondering what Kiwiburn ExCom is up to while we wait for KB2023 preparations to swing into action, meet our new adoptive child: Tinkle Drum.

Tinkle Drum is the brainchild of Bibi and Josh, two Kiwi artists living in Amsterdam. They are creating a human size Tinkle Drum – a music box, essentially – which will be created from recycled materials and powered by human hamsters Burners. We are loving their energy and ExCom is supporting the project (which received a Burning Man Honoraria Art Grant as well as mentoring from RAT – Renewable Artists for the Playa) – many of us are packing our bags and heading to Burning Man to help build the thing!

Watch this space for more news about Tinkle Drum, and if you want to help, check out their funding page or email directly!

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