Decompression. Itʻs a Thing

Feb 3, 2020

Almost everyone has returned home (to varying degrees), and normal life is setting in again (also to varying degrees). Bummer, eh? Lots of us feel like returning to the Paddock, even if it is just to get together with like-minded individuals or newly found friends made at Kiwiburn to reminisce a little. It helps to remember the feeling of being at the Burn, to dip your toe back into that pool, so to speak, though also to sleep in your own bed that night.

You cannot use the word “Decompression” to describe such a gathering, as this is an officially sanctioned word that can only be attributed to officially recognised Decompression events. That of course should not damper your enthusiasm to decompress (verb), just please call your event something else, or get in touch with your Regional Contact to create an event officially sanctioned by Burning Man.

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