Your Kiwiburn photos and videos

Feb 3, 2020

Got some great snaps taken on the Paddock?

A lot of you took some great photographs at the Burn, of people you met, Theme Camps shenanigans and special moments. Of course you want to share them with friends on social media though keep in mind if everyone in your photos has given consent to be published or publicly viewed. Also, avoid showing pictures depicting nudity. If in doubt, err on the side of caution.

If you’ve have pictures or videos you would like to share, and/or have consent of all pictured, Kiiwburn would love to have them on file for possible use on our website and social media as well as a record of the event. And we always credit the photographers. Get in touch with our photography liaison to chat about whether your images are suitable. We are keen on any of a good amateur/professional standard.

If you see a photo you like on facebook, ask the photographer before sharing or borrowing it for your own album, and always give credit where it’s due.

And if you have uploaded any footage to YouTube, email us and we will link it to the official Kiwiburn YouTube channel.

Got a handle on Instagram? Tag your photos with #kiwiburn2020 and/or #kiwiburn!

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