Eclectic Decade winning poster design

Jun 17, 2019

Wow! We had the most ever entries for the poster competition (six) this year which made for tough decision making for the Kiwiburn Arts Committee (KAC). It was super close, and the winner is Erika Pearce. Thanks to everyone who entered the competition, and to the KAC team!


Erika talks about her poster design:

“I felt very inspired by the theme and created this new oil painting especially for the poster design. The fortune teller is inviting you to manifest what you feel our future needs. People are waking up around the world and there is a greater awareness around coming together to protect and respect the home we share. I have painted a blue, healthy earth, swirling with life (including a secret hidden seahorse – can you find it?). The Megamorphosis Man takes the form of a mandala, emanating energy out from the crystal ball. It also features in the fortune teller’s headdress and is tucked into all four corners of the border.”

Erika is an Auckland based multi-disciplined artist, passionate about creating artwork with a message and inspiring others to look after nature and the ocean.

Download a pdf to print out here.

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