Embers Blazing in the Fyre

Apr 13, 2021

With the Trans-Tasman Bubble opening (now there is a science-fiction opening line), we are starting to look abroad, to see which Burns are re-igniting in 2021. Calm down, calm down, of course they are all sold out! 

Blazing Swan just successfully ran in Australia (albeit in a slightly smaller format), as did Turtle Burn in Taiwan. Modifyre is set to go on 7 July, and Magic Forest and Amber Burn are also scheduled to happen in the next few months in the Ukraine and Lithuania. Slowly but surely, Burners are finding a way… here is hoping that Kiwiburn 2022 is one of many international Burns. The world needs their Playa/Paddock/Forest/Binnekring more than ever!

Image credit: Deric Martin

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