Extra Theme Camp Tickets

Oct 26, 2021

An additional 100 tickets have been allocated to Theme Camps out of the pool of 550 reserved for volunteers, Effigy, Temple, and crew.

Historically any surplus tickets in this reserved pool were released into the STEP queue around the start of January once all essential roles required to operate were filled. However, given this year’s feedback, we’ve expedited this process enabling the release sooner. The community strongly indicated that these should be allocated directly instead of entering STEP to ensure Theme Camps have the certainty and humans to bring their best.

While we would love to give all camps additional tickets that just wasn’t possible. The prioritization was based on previous contributions, sound and infrastructure needs, camp population, and the quantity + quality of offerings last year. We applied this logic evenly to all camps and ExCom signed off on these allocations.

Theme Camp Leads – Please ensure you get camp members assigned to their allocated tickets in the portal by 30 October. Adding as much detail as you can in the portal will be super helpful if any additional tickets become available.

If your Theme Camp is unable to attend please let us know ASAP by emailing themecamps@kiwiburn.com so tickets can be reallocated among your peers based on the same formula.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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