Fancy yourself a writer?

Mar 30, 2020

You’re currently enjoying this marvellous publication we lovingly call The Electric Fencepost, aren’t you. And you’re thinking, “hey I could be part of this. I could absolutely add whimsical, funny, thoughtful, pertinent stories to this excellent newsletter on a regular basis and make it even better!” Not only that, you’re grammar is excellent also, and your familiar with possessive adjectives and contractions, know, punctuation: and you can spot a run-on sentence when you see one because they are really quite obvious and they could easily be separated into different sentences or at least benefit from a comma or five to say the least.

Well, you are in luck! We are looking for an EFP writer, due to one of our longtime writers stepping down. So, how about it? If you’ve got a few hours a fortnight and feel like you could make a valuable contribution, then apply here. Job description can be found here.

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