fire on all cylinders – ignition is go

Dec 8, 2018

As you may well have heard, resource consent for Ignition Festival in Matamata this January 23-28 has been granted. Woohoo! Will this be a time machine back to Kiwiburn 2000-and-ages-ago, or a whole new adventure? Tickets are sold out, so if you are still looking to buy keep your eye/s on Facebook and you may get lucky. Remember, sell them at cost! There is no online ticket exchange programme so we are lookin’ at you to do the right thing. 

Other news from the fireside (AKA Facebook)…

Apparently theme camps and art grant applicants have been emailed – check yo’ emails if not. Little people welcome, as are human-sized wack-a-moles and hopefully waterin’ holes. 

Neither Kiwiburn nor Electric Fencepost have their hands in the Ignition Pie, we simply get our news from the grapevine (mmm yum)… but we do like to support our friends! Please let us know if any information is incorrect or missing. 

Just over a month to go! In the meantime – happy holidays!



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