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Nov 21, 2022

Have you ever wondered what Kiwiburn is doing about its environmental impact and how you can best navigate the carbon-intensive Default World in which we are enmeshed? Do you ever wink roguishly at yourself in the mirror and think ‘damn, I am a carbon-reducing sustainability MACHINE?’ 

This Tuesday (today), 22 November at 6pm, you are warmly invited to meet the movers and shakers in the Sustainability Team, who work year-round to reduce our footprint and realign our practices. This online meeting is aimed at Theme Camp Green Leads, although anyone who is interested in learning more and sharing their thoughts and expertise is welcome to join. You’ll hear about the projects and initiatives coming to this Burn, how we’re going to measure our results, and have the chance to discuss your questions, concerns, and ideas.

If all that thinking about how to reorient our practices within earthly boundaries gets you going, then buckle up, there’s more. The following Tuesday (29 November) Nils Hohmuth will be tuning in from Germany to share his knowledge in a presentation about Planetary Health, and ecological tipping points. This is intended to place our own sustainability push in a global perspective, and promises to be enlightening, inspiring, possibly a little alarming, and good kai for the brain. 

 If that sounds like your cup of green tea, go on and get amongst it. 

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Image credit: Jimmy Fate

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