EFP Summit Update

Nov 21, 2022

On 15 October, the conch was blown, the beacons were lit and the bat signal shone into Auckland’s trademark low-hanging cloud cover. From all over the country, the monkeys who bring you the EFP, manage Facebook and the website (among other things) were unshackled from their typewriters and flocked towards none-other than Karangahape Road for the 2022 Communications Team Summit!

We knuckled down and carved out our mission statement. This was especially crucial, as we wanted it to reflect not only who we are and what we do, but where we want to take the Comms team in the future and leave an ethos that future members can uphold. After careful selection of only the juiciest nouns, the ripest adjectives and a sprinkling of fresh verbs, we came up with something that was heartfelt, and exactly accurate:

“The communications team’s role is one of community stewardship.
We act as the Voice of Kiwiburn, facilitating dialogue with our community and the public, while guiding the aesthetic Kiwiburn presents.”

The Comms team set ourselves a high bar, and each week we boost each other over it in order to bring you good people the news that you all signed up for! 

Other orders of business included which platforms and apps deserved less or more attention, how to tactfully wrestle the @Kiwi-Burn handle from a twelve-year-old, and whether or not MSG fries were the apex of human culinary achievement. It was a great opportunity to reignite the enthusiasm and excitement that made us all sign up for this wild ride in the first place. 

We are all super excited to take the Comms team into this upcoming Burn, and many more Burns to come. See you on the Paddock!

Image credit: Queen Witch Julia

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