Important Information for All Time-Travellers!

Jan 16, 2023

Consider this the inter-dimensional, timeline-disentangling post for your trip to Kiwiburn 2023 – Time Travel:

Travelling in: Share your time machine to reduce paradoxes! To find a ride – go to the ride share page on FB and find your match.

Arrival: The gate opens at 8:00 NZDT 25/01/2023 – set your time machines accordingly. No time travelling to an Early Entry! Full gate hours here – if you arrive outside of these hours you can’t get in. Also remember, if you get there on Wednesday night after it’s dark, you can’t drive in – either camp outside or carry your stuff in.

Ticket: You need your ticket and your ID to enter! Remember, reception isn’t great due to all the space time flux – save the ticket offline or print it out. 

What to bring: Wonder what to bring and what to leave at home? Fear not, have a look at this (and note that water will be provided on site this year).

What we provide:  Water! We are sorting this for you, bring a container to store it in. Also, we are selling ice as usual, bring some of that 2023 “cash-money” – $5 a bag.

Where do you go: The map is out!! Check it out, check it out, yo!

Covid: It’s 2023, time travellers beware, that’s a PLAGUE YEAR. Please read this year’s Covid policy to know how it will be handled at this Burn.

Local amenities: Curious what you can find and where? Well, check out this nifty guide created by the Rangitikei council for us!

Photos: Are you planning to take pics? We have a new photo policy – remember that taking pictures of anyone recognisable requires consent, and that making money from your pics of Kiwiburn requires Kiwiburn permission!

Excitement engine: Are you travelling in from a time when FB isn’t a thing? You lucky bugger. Here, we still use this thing called “Book of the Face” to connect to our communities: you can go and marvel at our Kiwiburn Facebook group and page here. Yup, we also burn fossil fuels and think that Robert Pattinson is hot. We will grow out of it.

More questions?  Excellent, have a squizz here for stuff others have wondered about before you.

See you on the Paddock IN 8 DAYS!!!

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