Info on Ticket Refunds

Dec 20, 2021

You’re all waiting to hear what is happening with tickets and here is an update:
  1. We will issue refunds on tickets purchased for Kiwiburn 2022, and we are working with Quicket to get this actioned early to mid in January, in line with our ticket purchase Terms and Conditions
  2. The refund amount held back will be approximately $35, which includes the $15 membership fee (which covers Kiwiburn’s annual running costs), $15 to cover already expended costs for the 2022 event\, and up to $5 for fees charged by the external vendor for processing the refunds (still to be determined). We will release detailed financials and offer full transparency on what money has been spent once this has been finalised.
  3. The refund will be issued to the credit card used to buy the ticket(s).
  4. This refund process is separate to developing a potential first right of refusal policy for Kiwiburn 2023 tickets. This policy may be applied differently depending on whether the 2022 ticket was for crew, artists, Theme Camps. etc. and we will look for some input from you and conduct community consultation before such a policy is finalised.

We will release exact dates once this information is available and we are aware this is crucial for some of you. Every attempt is being made to have a fair and comprehensive approach (towards those who did secure a ticket as well as to those who did not). Thank you for your patience. 

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