Kiwiburn 2020 Sold Out – now what?

Sep 16, 2019

Whoa, that was something else on Saturday morning. It was anticipated that tickets would go quickly, but no one expected an official sell-out time of 38 minutes, with all tickets in baskets awaiting final processing within five minutes! Your fingers were on fire! To call that a record is an understatement.

Shout out to the Ticketing Team and Quicket, who handled the incredible onslaught of excited Burners without incident. Well done.

With only 2000 tickets available for the 2020 event,  and such high demand, not everyone could secure tickets. Fear not! Most people who really want a ticket usually succeed in getting one. Eventually.

Quicket offers a system called the Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP), which allows for the secure exchange of tickets between those who wish to sell their tickets and those who are looking to buy. If you were not among the lucky ones, you can register for the STEP program, and request up to two tickets. Alternatively,  if you have tickets and would like to sell them, you can enter them into the STEP outbound tickets queue.

Hold fire for an imminent announcement of when STEP will be open. All instructions on how to register on STEP will be posted on the Kiwiburn website tickets page!

While you can sell your tickets privately at any time, tickets must only be sold at face value (including any fees you have paid) and all tickets must be transferred through Quicket. Once the transfer occurs, the old ticket and barcode are cancelled and a new ticket is issued in the purchaser’s name. The purchaser will need to have a Burner Profile for the transfer to be possible.Remember, Photo ID must be shown at Gate and your legal name must match the name on the ticket, or you will be refused entry.

We highly recommend that you DO NOT purchase tickets through any other outlet or from someone you do not know and trust. Kiwiburn cannot guarantee that any ticket bought privately or outside of STEP will  grant you entry to the event. Every year there are stories of people lured into buying fake tickets, often at inflated prices. Don’t panic, wait for STEP to open.

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