Seed update: a rare sighting of the elusive Karl

Sep 23, 2019

Content warning: FOMO, Karl

Burning Seed looms, and we have news from our underground network of spies that this year is going to be Karl. You’ve probably heard of Karl before, you just might not know it yet. Rumours of this likely lad have been spiraling out of control and it makes us wonder… who is Karl, really? A grumbling mass of do-ocracy? The leader of an occult group of bearded men? The only reason we go to the Paddock each year?

The only thing we know for sure is that Seed’s Temple of Spirals (see pg. 12 of their event guide) was designed and built in record time by the infamous Karl Matthews and his seamless team. See below for cryptic images of their escapades.

Our top secret reporters who may-or-may-not be Karl himself have this to say on the matter: “I’m going around in circles here, I can’t see the forest from the finely cut timber, these people are animals!”, and, “let’s face it, that fire isn’t going to light itself.”

Well that sounds like a twisted menagerie to me. Better get out to Red Earth City to grab your daily dose of Karl. And have a roaring time while you’re at it!

Going to Seed? Check out the survival guide, event guide and site map all on this handy page. Other important updates, likely in your inbox or on their Facey.


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