The Future of Auckland Burners

Sep 23, 2019

The Giant Weta on the Paddock in front of the Effigy, Kiwiburn 2017. Photo by Paul Chaffe.

The Giant Weta told the tale of what is possible for a larger scale Art project.  Now its conceptual home needs help from you to keep going.

Auckland Burners Society Inc. is on the verge of being dissolved unless enough people express interest in taking up vital roles and supporting the entity through membership.

A recent meeting in Auckland had a number of attendees who expressed interest in the three officer roles (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) required by law to be considered a society Inc. See minutes here from that meet-up.

None of these roles require significant time commitments as such, but someone needs to take them up as all three current holders of these roles have stepped down. Auckland Burners would need to hold events in order to generate revenue, requiring organisation and management, the proceeds of which can be used to provide money for future art grants or towards Theme Camps. Note that there is no longer an actual workshop/space associated with Auckland Burners, so this entity exists as a social group, not as a physical location.

In order to formally register your interest in a official capacity, fill on this Expression of Interest (EOI), which also includes info on what the roles entail and what the rules are to keep a society registered.

And you could fill in the membership form to show your support for Auckland Burners (it costs a grand total of $1).

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