Kiwiburn 2025 Attendee Numbers

Jun 10, 2024

As we inch closer to the glorious return to our beloved Paddock, some big decisions have been made. One of the biggest, and arguably most important, is how many humans will be able to attend.

So, we’re excited to announce, the Kiwiburn 2025 capacity is set at 2450! Yes, a maximum of two thousand and fifty lovely humans will be gracing the Paddock. 

Further to this exciting announcement, we can also share the split between allocated tickets and lottery tickets.

2000 tickets will be allocated to Volunteers, Theme Camps and Artists. 450 tickets will go into the lottery.

‘Wow, that’s going to be hard to ‘win’ the lottery’, we hear you say. Yes, yes it will be. 

You know what that means? It means there’s never been a better time to get involved with Kiwiburn! Get involved and you’ll have a better chance of attending. Hint – see the articles below for your chance to secure yourself a ticket!

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