Kiwiburn has a new Org Structure

Sep 20, 2021

Kiwiburn is an ongoing experiment – the community and the event are evolving and we are constantly questioning the way we do things and how to be better. And we have an obligation to listen to feedback. 

All of this has led us to rethink our organisational structure and make some changes for 2022:

  • A new community department has been created, with a Community Facilitator (actually two!) and a whole host of new roles, all working to make the community and event more inclusive, accessible, and connected than ever before.
  • Instead of a separate Events Management team, all departments will now collaborate to make the event happen – we think this will result in more integrated and distributed events management, based on partnership and teamwork. 
  • Our Safety department has been split in two – Site Safety (think of it as “the safety of things” – fire, the site itself, and so on) and Well-being (“the safety of people” – rangers, sanctuary and medics will fall into this department).

Have a look at our swanky new org chart, and start imagining where you might best fit in – expect a flurry of volunteer job adverts to come your way soon as we fill new roles and as people shift around and find their new calling!

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