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Sep 27, 2021

The Kiwiburn volunteer positions page is currently choc-a-bloc full of roles in need of a capable human to fill them (werewolves will also be considered, provided they’re cuddly and they’ve been to a couple Burns).

First up, we need a new Sanitation Lead i.e. Portaloo Boss! If you’ve ever wanted to be Lord of the Dunnies, or have a passion for keeping our ablutions COVID-safe, then this may be the job for you. You will lead a team to choose where the toilets are placed, check that they’re clean, stock and restock them with dunny paper and hand sanny, and even decorate them to your heart/nose’s desire. The job is about one hour a week from September to February, and is quite hands-on during the event. Gloves provided. 

Next up, we need a new lead for the Conduct Committee. Someone to manage the process dealing with reports of behaviour that transgresses the Kiwiburn Code of Conduct. This job requires someone who can be thorough, confidential, and respectful in their handling of some pretty unpleasant stuff. You can however also really make a difference! Ideally you would have training and experience in mental health, mediation, complaints and conflict resolution, or other trauma-informed practice, as well as excellent communication and organisation skills, and a strong sense of healthy boundaries and empathy. There’ll be long periods when there is not much to do, but in the few months leading up to and following the festival this role gets busier, requiring perhaps 1-3 hours per week.

Finally, the Safety and Ticketing teams are still looking for 2iCs – sidekicks to help their leads either minimise harm and injury at the Burn, or ensure the ticketing process runs smoothly. These are both significant roles requiring more than two hours work per week (and more than five during busy periods), and are vital to ensuring Kiwiburn does not crash and burn into disorganised, dangerous chaos. 

If you’d love to give more to the Kiwiburn community and any of these sounds like the role that’s right for you, check out the job descriptions here and apply by filling in this form.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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