Kiwiburn needs Krew!

Jun 26, 2023

There are some crucial, vital… who are we kidding, every volunteer role is vital. 

The fact remains, there are some big birkenstocks to be filled. The Crew Facilitator, which is a massive job, needs a 2iC. Being a 2iC is great for those of you who want to help out but don’t have the time to run a department. Crew Facilitator is all about the big-picture cohesion, and specifically, as a 2iC, you’ll be working on small side projects to iron out the wrinkles in the tie-dye tuxedo that is KB24.

Ticketing. We get the feeling that without people working this role, the event becomes quite difficult to put on. Join the ticketing crew (trust us, they’re awesome) and help people get their magical butts onto the Paddock!

Do you like art? Do you have opinions? Are you a human person? Then you’d be perfect for a position on the Kiwiburn Arts Committee! The KAC are responsible for facilitating, orchestrating and enabling some of the amazing art that graces the paddock each year! As well as working with other committees, you’ll be liaising directly with artists and working out how to make their insane, hypothetical concepts into insane, tangible realities! 

As these are all year-round roles, you’ll need to fill out an application here, and of course they come with allocated tickets to KB24. Remember: these are not the only roles we’re looking to fill – there are a number of positions going, check out the volunteer page and find your match there!

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