Let us Begin Again

Mar 13, 2022

Kiwiburn 2022 was the Burn that wasn’t – it encountered Covid and backed politely away, ensuring our safety at the expense of our beautiful self expression. It was mourned in myriads of mini-burns, campfires and in our burning hearts.

And now it’s March: the Burn is dead, long live the Burn! We are waking up, regrouping, and starting to time travel into the future (one second at a time, baby!) to Kiwiburn 2023: Time travel (Deja vu?).

If you’re looking to find your calling in this strange world, here is your opportunity to step into a leadership role and help make KB23 a reality. The canvas is blank, we start anew, and you could be shaping the future this time. Read about our newly created or vacated ExCom roles, and sign up here.

Most ExCom roles have the responsibility of running multiple teams of volunteers, participating in ExCom discussions and setting strategic direction for the group. These roles are for burners with experience – of Burns, of Kiwiburn, and of volunteering and behind the scenes work. You may be looking for a new challenge, returning from a hiatus or looking for a new way to contribute to Kiwiburn. If you are a virgin or feel like one, apply for one of our other roles and gain some experience first!

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