Miniburn participant feedback

Feb 7, 2022

So quite a few of you did gather in paddocks, fields and  barns around the country and kept the spirit (and maybe even a wee flame) of Burning events alive. Yay, go you! And many of you had a great time and will attend miniburns in the future, which is just awesome. To have so many of you organise and form into get-togethers was really amazing to see. 

If you did attend a miniburn as a punter and have any thoughts, impressions or comments about the experience, we would love to hear from you, full confidentiality guaranteed.  Maybe you experienced something you’d like to see happen at Kiwiburn, maybe something made you wonder?  Contact us via FB, email or respond to this newsletter. 

Any more direct feedback should go to the miniburn organisers themselves. Kiwiburn is keen to support miniburns, not run them! 

Image Credit: Andy Flint


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