Much mini-burning! Any more?

Mar 7, 2022

Turns out, when the country went Red, Burns went… on, for the most part, smaller, chiller, but maybe even better. 

Our mini-burn organiser survey has seen some great responses – we have heard from Embers, Regen, Spyre and WaiHi Woohoo, Make.JamHack.Camp, Fuck your burn, RATburn, Guyburn, Glennburn, 2nd Degree Burn, I can’t belive it’s not Ignition, Whakanga and Kalburn. Just the variety and distribution of mini burn events is beautiful to behold, and the possibility that some of those sparks will keep on burning and growing is tantalizing.

If your mini-burn is not represented yet, the survey will stay open until the end of March – pop on in and give us the low down on how it went down (or did not!).

Image credit: Illustration from Goble Book of Fairy poetry, via Wikimedia Commons

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