New Burner Profile Registration Process

Jul 3, 2022

New Burner profiles are going live on 14 July, 2022. 

We are changing things up again this year (it’s a social experiment, we must keep experimenting!) – the Burner Profile process is quite meaty now, with many questions about who you are, what you see the future of Kiwiburn to be  and how you Burn. The community is changing, and we need to ensure that we understand who you are and what you want!

What this means is a new three step process, which you will be guided through when creating a profile.

STEP 1: Burner Profile

Once live, you enter the portal to create a Burner Profile (watch for a link next week). This will store your most basic data with minimal required fields. We’re talking preferred name, family name, Paddock name, email address and some questions around participation intentions.

There will be the option to provide further contact information or register with the Community team as being willing to participate in specific discussions concerning under-represented groups if you so choose. This Burner Profile will carry forward year to year and the Portal will be your hub for most things.

STEP 2: Annual Community Survey

Every year we will then conduct an Annual Community Survey (you will receive an automated email to remind you to do it). This form will be hosted in a separate system to our Kiwiburn Portal system and be completely anonymised and unlinked to the Burner Profile. This form will collect information about the demographics of our community and perspectives on big decisions such as the number of participants on Paddock, the number of days of the event, and even “What is Kiwiburn?”. This information will act as a guide to further community consultation and decision making, and allow for more informed decisions to be made across the organisation. 

Once the form is completed, you will be officially marked as an “Active” Burner for the current year. This will unlock entering the general sale lottery, registering art, theme camps, and many other exciting Burn related things.

If you are not planning to come to the event, completing the Annual Community Survey will also ensure that your perspectives are still considered within decision making processes – and you are still participating with determining the future of our community.

STEP 3: Entry into the General Sale Lottery and eligibility for Reserve tickets.

Once your profile is activated for that year, the Portal will then allow you to enter into the general sale lottery for the upcoming event. Provided you qualify for a reserve (crew, artist or Theme Camp) Ticket, you will also then be able to receive your reserve tickets (reserves will not be sent out to anyone without an active profile).


While the registration process and entry to the lottery are now moving to a Kiwiburn system, if you are offered a ticket (reserve or through STEP / lottery), you will still be directed to purchase this through Quicket. Additional information is now required from a legal perspective, such as contact number. This information will remain on Quicket and only be used in connection to your attendance to the event. Any personal information that is not already in your Burner Profile will not be brought back into the Kiwiburn system and remain on the Quicket system only. This system is only accessible by Ticketing and Finance.

The process is different, and it will take a little longer to complete, but the benefits to us as a community will be invaluable. Knowing who our community is will enable the Kiwiburn teams to better serve the community’s interests.

This registration process will be open until 15 September and the lottery will be held 22 September.

Registration Process flow chart

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