Photography at the Burn – what you said

Mar 29, 2021

Image: Experience of photography at the Burn and online, survey results

Thank you to 161 fabulous Burners (8% of the population!) who answered the survey and gave feedback on photography at Kiwiburn! We are crunching the numbers, and more importantly, the words, and the results will be used by ExCom in their review of the photography policy. 

In short, around two-thirds of the respondents thought the photography experience at the Burn, and in social media afterwards, was good to great. The main problems raised were consent (especially around the Effigy run), “what is recognisable”, the role and powers of any “official” photographers, and drones. But overall, it was a relief to see that most people actually had a good experience and did not feel photography was out of hand.

37% of respondents did not take pics at all; almost all others were private people taking pics for their personal use, mostly with their cellphones. When asked about the future of photos at the Burn, only 7.5% of respondents would prefer no photography at all – 90% were ok with real cameras and 70% were fine with cellphones, as long as guidelines were followed. 

As to what these guidelines should be and how to implement them, there were a lot of ideas, from creative uses of wristbands, to instilling a more intentional “each one teach one” photo culture (like our MOOP culture). We are going to sift through your submissions like the gold dust that they are, and come back to you with ideas for how to evolve our photography culture. In the meantime, a heartfelt thank you for participating and communicating. You all rock! 

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