Re-seeding Burning Seed

Jun 6, 2022

There is so much passion in the Burnerverse which often leads to amazing art and creativity, transformative experiences, spirited debate, long volunteer hours, and burnout. And occasionally, fallout. What is happening across the ditch with Burning Seed in 2022? There is an event planned later this year, along with a Burner community that is not entirely sure what is going on.

If you want to gain some understanding of the situation, head over to Burning Australia to read a post* written by nine of Australia’s Burning Man Regional Contacts (shared by Andrew Lau, 2 June) which outlines what has been happening. It’s a long one, so make yourself a cuppa and get comfy.


Image: Foreground – Wild Heart by Melissa Carey, Background – Ngarrang by Peter Ingram and Aidan Kempster

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