Regional Round Up, nice to see you again

Mar 11, 2019

Can you be too offensive at Burning Man? What is offensive when you follow radical self expression, shouldn’t you just walk away and practice some radical self-reliance? Read a Caveat rebuttal in the Burning Man Journal.

Burning with Curiosity – a first timer attends Miami’s “Love Burn” and tells us all about it in this epic tale, way to go Buzzfeed! Now, I’m going to Miami

Afrikaburn – things are happening. Clan (their effigy) burns in 53 days! (at time of writing) Going? Heaps of stuff is happening – find tickets and other information on their website… but most importantly read this wonderful story about a Cape Town artist and the story that lead her to the desert. Heart, heart, heart.

Blazing Swan (Western Australia) will be going up in smoke even sooner – and huzzah it’s so much closer so come on mum, let’s GO! Their DPW crew is already onsite given’ it hell and probably doing some work too. Get some tickets for your rad self and go and hang with some Aussie’s… also check out their Facebook page which is having some rad Guiding Principles chat right now.

Fuego Astral – Argentina’s regional esta finito. Please excuse my Spanish and head over to their Facebook page where some cute pictures await. What a tiny! Their website is also entirely Espagnol but you might want to have a look their too because why not. Plans for next year anyone? (I’m serious though)…

Modifyre 2019: Secret Garden. The most recent Australian regional to steal our hearts fires up in Queensland 3-8 July, so if you wanted a pre-Smoulder warm up simply (ehem) fly across the ditch. Registrations for All of the Things are now open (so says Facebook), remember volunteering is cool (we do it too!) oh and yes get your tickets please.


Now that you are ’round the twist with decisions on which tickets to buy and/or FOMO, how ‘bout you relax and unwind to some thematically related tunes; from here and overseas.

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