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Sep 28, 2018

…or are we?

With no Kiwiburn this year, it’s always nice take a look at regional events around the world (official or no) to either go to, or be inspired from. There is always something happening somewhere it seems! Not everyone has the means to travel physically but we can always attempt it in our minds or with our communities. That, or someone could get stuck in to constructing a wormhole. Tea anyone?

A few things this week to whet your appetite…

  • Ever wonder about diversity at Burning Man?
  • Art! From the Playa and beyond, at the Maker Faire in New York. Hang loose dudes.
  • Matong Forest is going off this week as Burning Seed is in full swing! Perhaps by the time you read this their Facebook page will be swimming in pics by the little Seedlings.
  • Microburn took place earlier this month in Wales, where the sunshine may only be visible in your mind. Small events rule! Photos from previous years’ events could easily be mistaken for a New Zealand-based event!
  • America seems to have it all – this week it’s a Mosaic Experiment in Ohio. Misfit toys anyone? We’d love to see what art comes from that…
  • Ah yes, this page for – Juhé Burn (Hungry) – tells you everything you need to know about the Eastern European event, happening ’round ’bout now. Well, at least we know it exists and these photos are cosy and fun.
  • JAPAN – Burning Japan takes place on a floating rock early October. This video may be a little more informative, and possibly more true.
  • Burners Without Borders: Microgrant program. There are some seriously cool initiatives here.

That’s all folks and fair weather friends, keep your eyes on the prize, don’t throw in the towel and blow a fuse but remain cool as a cucumber and climb up to cloud 9 with your glass half full… or better yet, spilling over.


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