Remember, remember… that fireworks can be dangerous

Nov 4, 2019

It’s that time of the year when the British (and affiliates) traditionally celebrate a failed coup by a chap called Guy Fawkes (and affiliates) to overthrow their government way back in 1605. These days of course this involves fireworks being shot into the night sky accompanied by ubiquitous Oohs and Aahs emitting from any crowd wowed by this display.

And every year there are various incidents generally due to unsafe handling of fireworks, so take this as a reminder that any kind of explosives, whether they produce pretty colourful patterns in the sky, go bang in some way, or fizz with sparkles, are banned from the Paddock. They can cause serious injury, fires (especially in hot, dry, drought conditions), and damage property. If you are found to be in possession of fireworks at Kiwiburn, you will be evicted.

A Burn wouldn’t be the same without, err, fire, so this is also a timely reminder to ensure you have read the fire and fuel safety part of the survival guide. In fact, just have a look at the whole thing, its a really rather well put together page turner!

Obviously we’d never tell you what you should do in your private life. So go on, let ‘er rip like the mad, bang-tastic folk that you are. Just not at Kiwiburn 2020.


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