Secretary Needed

Nov 7, 2022

Did you know that volunteering for Kiwiburn provides more than 80% or your daily required intake of good vibes? It’s true! (Probably)

Most importantly, do you LOVE Kiwiburn? GREAT! Because ExCom needs a Secretary, like, yesterday.

This role involves being an active member of ExCom, taking part in strategic and crucial decision making for Kiwiburn, as well as being a voice for the Admin Team and community.

It’s a really great opportunity for an experienced Burner to join the team and have a say in what goes on at this Burn and future Burns to come! You know you’ve got great opinions, you’ve known it your whole life. It’s high-time that everyone else knew it too! If you also love agendas, general admin, taking minutes and herding (very cool and friendly) cats, then oh lordy, where have you been?

Side effects may include: befriending some weird and wonderful humans, an increase in your authoritative aura, and becoming an absolute legend. 

If you’re interested, give the job description a once-over and register your interest on this nifty lil’ form

Please enjoy this picture of a secretary bird, to get you in the badass, secretarying, snake-fighting mood. Look at it. LOOK AT IT! This could be you.

Image credit: stock image from Dreamstime

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