Sidekicks Wanted

Jun 14, 2021

Three of Kiwiburn’s team leads are currently looking for sidekicks (well, 2ICs, though you can still wear a cape if you want to): the Communications Facilitator, Site Safety Facilitator, and Services Facilitator. 

The Communications 2IC helps run Kiwiburn’s social media accounts, and monitor our Facebook group for inappropriate shenanigans. They also help run our surveys, collect our photographs, and help manage our designers and liaise with the media. They also have a hand in writing and editing the Electric Fencepost (that’s this thing you’re reading now!). The role is up to three hours a week, maybe more in the months just before the Burn, but doesn’t require any commitment during the Burn itself. You’ll need to have excellent written and verbal communication skills, be good with social media and email, and ideally be familiar with WordPress, Google Suite, and Mail Chimp. 

The Safety 2IC helps ensure information is shared promptly and thoroughly both within the Safety department (including the Black Sheep Rangers, FAST, Health and Safety, and Site Management teams), and between their department and the wider Kiwiburn organisation. The role is 2-5 hours per week rising to 5-10 hours a week in November and December, though only a minimal commitment is required during the Burn. You’ll need to be good at collaboration, communication, and time and money management, and preferably have some prior Kiwiburn leadership experience. 

The Services 2IC helps their lead oversee the Depot, Gate, Greeters, Ticketing, and Centre Camp teams. Like the Site Safety 2IC, this job primarily involves ensuring smooth communication channels both within their department and between their department and the wider organisation. The role averages 2-5 hours work every week year-round, plus 4-6 days on-site immediately before the Burn and having shared on-call duties with your lead during the Burn itself. You’ll need to have superb organisational skills as well as some experience attending Burns, and preferably prior Event/Project/People Management experience as well some ace data and spreadsheet skills.

Check out the Job Descriptions for these roles here and apply by filling in this form

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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